Habitat & game

Okowiruru-North is very rich in wildlife due to the extensive cattle farming with its waterholes and the dense bush which offers the game many cover. In recent years, many mature Kudu bulls have been taken here whose presence was previously often only anticipated. Big resident predators are Leopard, Cheetah and Brown Hyena.

Okowiruru offers the hunter exciting hunting opportunities: the thick bush hides the secrets of the wild usually very well, but a quiet and attentive stalking will usually be rewarding with encounters with old Boars, Kudu bulls or with a little luck a further hunter: the fascinating Cheetah. The habitat is interesting for all hunters and their families – a variety of supposedly secretive animals such as Aardvark, Bat-Eared Fox, Python or Honey Badger can be seen during just one hunting week.

The farm Okowiruru-North is located 200 km northeast of Windhoek in the so-called Sandveld. The farm is run in the third generation as a cattle farm. Since the nineties trophy hunting has been introduced. The landscape consists predominantly of thorn bush savannah which can sometimes be open and in other places very dense. After a rich rainy season, there are several natural waterholes that then dry out at the end of the year. Then the game is also dependent on the numerous water sources, which are filled by wind and solar energy. Cattle fences are an important part of pasture farming, but are no obstacle to game.

Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest and Warthog are the main game species on Okowiruru. Since the beginning of the farming activities they are hunted for meat supply and are valued as part of nature. Leopard, Cheetah, Brown Hyaena and Jackal also leave their tracks on the farm. The chances on a big old warthog Keiler are very good on Okowiruru-North.

On Okowiruru, you can also take part in farm life, inspect cattle, ride the farm horses and learn a lot about the tough farm life both in the past and the present.

The main game species are:

  • Greater Kudu

  • Oryx

  • Warthog

  • Hartebeest

  • Jackal

  • Baboon

  • Cheetah


Guests are accommodated in Okowiruru in a separate guest house in three double rooms, each with its own bathroom. Meals are taken on the large veranda behind the main house, and in the evening there is a blazing campfire for the sundowner drink. The menu consists mainly of game meat with African accents.

The hunt

Due to the flat topography the extensive hunting area can not be viewed from above. Coverts and feeding places are carefully stalked in the early morning and late afternoon. The shot distance is rarely more than 150m, usually we get close. The shot from the target stick is standard and should be practiced before a trip. In the hot midday hours you can rest at the farmhouse or sit at a waterhole to wait for warthog boars.



We understand hunting as applied conservation and sustainable use of our precious resources. Namibia offers exceptional landscapes, outstanding wildlife and true adventure. Come hunting with us, and let us make your safari an unforgettable experience!